A Surrey Docks Walk

Route & what to see


This walk is from Canada Water Station (Overground & Jubilee lines) to Surrey Quays Station (Overground) but the circuit can be completed. The linear distance is about 2 miles. Refreshment and toilet facilities are available the Surrey Quays Retail Centre, Canada Water Library and Surrey Docks Farm (cafe closed Mondays). There is a pub on Rotherhithe Street (The Clipper) and the bar and restaurant of the Hilton Hotel at Nelson Dock are open to non-residents.

There are some information boards on this route. More on features in UPPER CASE can be found on the additional information page.

From Canada Water Station head towards the library and CANADA WATER.

Follow the Albion Channel to the left.
The edge of the former Albion Dock remains along this new waterway.

The channel leads to SURREY WATER (part of the CANAL system). Go right alongside this then right at Stave Hill Avenue.
At the end there is the opportunity to go up Stave Hill. This artificial vantage point (with steps) gives a good view over the area and has a relief map feature.

Go clockwise around the hill then follow the second path to the left through the Ecological Park. Continue past water features. Where the path divides take the right hand route.
This goes under the roadway via a mosiac-lined tunnel and emerges at NELSON DOCK.

Go right along Rotherhithe Street
There are riverside views from Durands Wharf. The entrance to Surrey Docks Farm is further along.

From the farm continue along Rotherhithe Street.
Holy Trinity Church was bombed on the first day on the Blitz in 1940.

Cross the green into Salter Road and go right. First left at Downtown Road. Enter the RUSSIA DOCK WOODLAND on the left (by some seats) and follow the path to the left.

Bear right to GREENLAND DOCK.
The Moby Dick pub recalls the use of the dock by whalers. There is a bust of James Walker.

Walk to the right along Brunswick Quay. Go under the large red Bascule Bridge.
This allowed ships access to Surrey Commercial Docks from Greenland Dock.

The path emerges by the shopping centre. Walk alongside this to Canada Water or go left to Surrey Quays Station.


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