Stoke Newington


This walk of up to 5 miles follows the route of the New River from Highbury & Islington Station (served by National Rail, Overground & Victoria line) to Stoke Newington and includes Clissold Park. There is also the opportunity to explore Abney Park Cemetery. Refreshments are available in the park or at Stoke Newington.

On exiting the station go to the right, cross the main road over to Compton Terrace and walk through the gardens.
On the left is the Union Chapel of 1877 by James Cubitt with a large octagonal interior. It replaces an earlier church built with the terrace in 1806.

Go left along Canonbury Lane and through the central gardens of Canonbury Square
A house on the east side has a plaque to George Orwell. From the square there is a view of Canonbury Tower.

Go towards the tower and into Canonbury Place to the right of Canonbury House
There is an information panel on the history of the tower

Return to and continue along Alwyne Villas
This marks the boundary of the Canonbury estate

At the end go left into the linear park
This was laid out in the 1950s with ornamental waterways and follows the course of the New River. A display board gives additional information

Continue through the park across Willow Bridge Road. Cross St Pauls Road and go ahead along Wallace Road
Just beyond Canonbury Station the New River originally went in a loop which was straightened in the 1860s.

At the roundabout continue along Petherton Road
The course of the New River is marked by the grassy central reservation. This section was at one time popular with swimmers but was culverted in 1868-70.

Go right at Ferntower Road and cross over to Newington Green. Walk left across the green then cross back and return on the west side.
The Unitarian Chapel was built in 1708. Mary Wollstonecraft ran a small school on the green 1784-6. Numbers 52-55 of 1658 (in various states of repair) are among the oldest surviving houses in London

Go back into Ferntower Road then follow Poets Road to the right. At the end continue along Petherton Road to the right. Cross Green Lanes and take the footpath (Aden Terrace) opposite.
The allotments alongside this path are on the course of the New River.

Go left along Stoke Newington Church Street and cross into Clissold Park. Take the path to the left running parallel with Green Lanes. At the top of the park, by the second lodge building, exit into and continue along this road over the crossroads.
The mock medieval castle designed by Chadwell Mylne in 1854 was built as a pumping station but now houses a climbing centre. There is a remnant of the New River to the left within the entrance

Return to the park and go to the left of the first pond
These were claypits dug to provide material for brickmaking

Before the second pond go right along the main path to Clissold House (refreshments & toilets available)
The L-shaped waterway is a remnant of the New River
Note: if you want to explore the park further there are map boards, signposts and a Ranger's office for information

Exit into Stoke Newington Church Street and follow this road to the left
The tall church is the 'new' church. On the left of the street is the 'old' church, the former Town Hall of 1937 and the Library & Galley of 1892 (extended in 1904 & 1937). There are examples of 18thc houses and a plaque to Daniel Defoe on a property on the corner of Defoe Road. Look for a shop advertising the repair of fountain pens. The entrance to the cemetery is all that remains of Abney Park House, built in 1676, which stood on the site. Beyond this was Fleetwood House demolished in 1872.

Go left along Stoke Newington High Street
Numbers 187 - 191 are large 18th century houses later used as institutional buildings. Fleetwood School was designed by ER Robson in 1876 (now flats).

Enter Abney Park Cemetery on the left
This was designed with an Egyptian style entrance by William Hoskings in 1840. There is an information centre in the south lodge where maps are available. These show graves and features of interest to enable you to explore the area.

Return to the entrance and go left into Stamford Hill. Stoke Newington Station is on the right or there are buses. 2013

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