Albury Street porch

  Greenwich Town Hall

Walk sections are linked by DLR Stations. Deptford Bridge to Cutty Sark, Cutty Sark to Deptford Bridge and Deptford Bridge to/from Lewisham
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Deptford has never regained the prosperity it enjoyed when the dockyard was in operation but this has saved many buildings from re-development. An area of characters and history. It has become home to several galleries and art studios under regeneration projects.

Note that Wednesday, Friday & Saturday are market days when the High Street is closed to traffic and lined with stalls.

Plenty of places for refreshments in Greenwich (between sections)

3 - 5 miles path & pavement walking The main part of the walk is between Deptford Bridge and Cutty Sark (about 3 miles). The section between Cutty Sark and Deptford Bridge which makes the walk circular is just under a mile. An additional extension between Deptford Bridge and Lewisham via Brookmill Park is one mile. The 5 mile walk described begins at Lewisham and finishes at Deptford Bridge. There is some overlap with the Deptford & Millwall walk. [Route & what to see]

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