QUIZ 9 - answers

City Livery Companies and Halls


1. Which company has the newest hall?
The Haberdashers - designed by Michael Hopkins & Partners in 2002

2. Which two companies own swans on the River Thames?
The Vinters and Dyers - along with the Queen

3. Which company organises the Doggett Coat & Badge Race?
The Fishmongers

4. Which company has its hall in Gutter Lane?
The Saddlers

5. Which company is responsible for Queen Elizabeth's College in Greenwich?
The Drapers

6. Which company has salamanders as supporters on its coat of arms?
The Ironmongers

7. Which company shares a hall with the Apothecaries?
The Spectacle Makers - in Blackfriars Lane

8. Why does the Barber Surgeons Hall have a bow-shaped west side?
The former hall was built into a bastion of the City Wall

9. Who designed the present Salters Hall?
Sir Basil Spence - in 1976

10. What did Loriners deal with?
Bits, Bridles, Stirrups & Spurs etc

11. Of which company was Samuel Pepys master?
The Clothworkers - in 1677-8

12. Which hall has a terracotta frieze depicting its company at work?
The Cutlers in Warwick Lane - by Benjamin Creswick

13. Which company has a floating hall?
The Master Mariners - the former sloop HMS Wellington, moored at Temple Stairs

14. Which is the only hall to have its own chapel?
The Mercers - in Ironmonger Lane

15. The Geffrye Museum displays the ceiling and panelling from which hall?
The Pewterers - demolished in 1932

16. Which hall is said to be haunted by a 'white monk'?
The Tallow Chandlers - on Dowgate Hill

17. Which hall is decorated with paintings by Sir Frank Brangwyn?
The Skinners - on Dowgate Hill

18. The lost halls of which company are marked by a plaque at St Paul's Churchyard?
The Cordwainers - last of six destroyed in 1941

19. Which hall is pictured in the header?
The Innholders - in College Street

20. Which company undertakes the Trial of the Pyx?
The Goldsmiths test coins of the realm for purity


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