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Alphabetical Southwark


Following this 3 mile walk through Southwark between Waterloo and Borough Stations will take you along a thoroughfare beginning with every letter of the alphabet - except X (because there aren’t any).

To start you need to find your way to the Underground entrance/exit by the Shell Centre. From the main Waterloo concourse follow the signs which will take you over the road and down steps. Start spotting now. YORK ROAD

With your back to the entrance/exit go to the left taking the pedestrian walkway under the railway SUTTON WALK following signs to National Arts & Entertainment Centres.

Continue towards the rear of the Royal Festival Hall CONCERT HALL APPROACH then go right BELVEDERE ROAD following signs to the National Film Theatre and Royal National Theatre. This road goes under Waterloo Bridge UPPER GROUND then past the rear of the theatre. Just beyond the green-fenced car park go right CORNWALL ROAD.

Cross over the main road (with the Imax Cinema to the right) and continue ahead. At the end of this road cross and take the road ahead WEBBER STREET running to the left of the Old Vic Theatre.

After passing the Stage Door pub go left VALENTINE PLACE just past Quentin House. Take the alley to the left PONTYPOOL PLACE when the road forks and at the end go right BOUNDARY ROW.

At the main road BLACKFRIARS ROAD go left to the junction where Southwark Station is located then go left here THE CUT. Take the first right JOAN STREET then the first left ISABELLA STREET alongside railway arches.

At the end go right HATFIELDS and take the second right MEYMOTT STREET by the postbox. At the end cross the main road and continue ahead by the Prince William Henry pub NICHOLSON STREET.

Go right at the end CHANCEL STREET then follow the road around to the left DOLBEN STREET going under the railway. Go left BEAR LANE just before the White Hart pub.

At the end go right along the main road SOUTHWARK STREET by the Holiday Inn then take the first right GREAT SUFFOLK STREET. Take the first left FARNHAM PLACE but as this is a dead end you will need to return to the road and then take the next left LAVINGTON STREET.

Go right EWER STREET opposite the Loft and at the end go left UNION STREET then first right PEPPER STREET. At the end go left COPPERFIELD STREET then sharp left GREAT GUILDFORD STREET at the end of this road. Go right UNION STREET before the railway by Universal Tyres.

Go left at the traffic lights SOUTHWARK BRIDGE ROAD then second left KEPPEL ROW along the pedestrian street with bollards. At the end go right GREAT GUILDFORD STREET, cross the main road (use traffic islands) and continue ahead towards Tate Modern.

Take the first left ZOAR STREET, go right CANVEY STREET at the end and right SUMNER STREET at the end of this road. Continue along the gated road past Corporation of London housing.

At the end go right along the main road SOUTHWARK BRIDGE ROAD then first left THRALE STREET just past the Southwark Rose Hotel. At the end cross the main road into the street opposite O’MEA STREET by the Menier Gallery.

At the end go to the right then left AYRES STREET by the Rose & Crown pub. At the end go left then to the left of Munchies QUILP STREET. At the end go right REDCROSS WAY then left along the main road MARSHALSEA ROAD which leads to Borough tube station.

THOROUGHFARES WALKED (in alphabetical order)

Ayres St, Bear Lane, Belvedere Rd, Blackfriars Rd, Boundary Row, Canvey St, Chancel St, Concert Hall Approach, Copperfield St, Cornwall Rd, The Cut, Dolben St, Ewer St, Farnham Pl, Great Guildford St, Great Suffolk St, Hatfields, Isabella St, Joan St, Keppel Row, Lavington St, Marshalsea Rd, Meymott St, Nicholson St, O’Mea St, Pepper St, Pontypool Pl, Quilp St, Redcross Way, Southwark St, Southwark Bridge Rd, Sumner St, Sutton Wk, Thrale St, Union St, Upper Ground, Valentine Pl, Webber St, York Rd, Zoar St.


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