QUIZ 7 - answers

Wings in the Inns of Court

Pegasus, the winged horse, is the badge of the Inner Temple and will be found on their buildings. The example pictured is in Church Court.

Similarly the badge of Gray's Inn is the Griffin, a mythical lion/eagle creature. The gateposts shown are in Field Court.

There are a series of angels supporting the turret balconies of Paper Buildings which can be viewed from Kings Bench Walk.

A rich source of 'things with wings' is the gateway into Middle Temple from Victoria Embankment. Look carefully and you should be able to spot cherub, eagle, phoenix, swan, wyvern, goose and 3 small birds.
Beware of traffic using this gateway!

Have a look in the window of the Seven Stars pub in Carey Street. Here you will find a large butterfly, stuffed birds including a grouse and an owl - also pictures of chickens.

The building at 114 Chancery Lane, which was the Law Fire Insurance Office, has decorative panels which include herons.

Along from this is a building that was formerly Hodgsons book aution rooms. The stonework here includes curious dog-like animals with bat wings - maybe flying pigs!

Finally there are some splendid dragons on Victoria Embankment and at Temple Bar in the Strand. These heraldic beasts of the City of London mark the city boundary.

Did you manage to find them all?
More importantly did I miss-identify any or did you come across others that I hadn't mentioned.