Beckenham Quiz Walk - Answers


1) What fell nearby on 2 July?
A V1 flying bomb (details on the information board)

2) How far is it to London Bridge?
According to the old milestone 10 miles (X is Roman for 10, there are 8 furlongs in a mile)

3) What did Anthony Rawlins provide in 1694?
Three almshouses for the poor of the parish

4) What name has been given to a neo-Georgian terrace?

5) What tree features on a pub sign?
An oak on the Oakhill Tavern

6) What number is on an old coach house?

7) When were Stanley Cottages built?

8) What tradesman worked at number 39?
The Blacksmith (at the Forge)

9) Where was the pillarbox made?
Abbot Engineering, Paisley

10) Which butterfly might you expect to see?
Small tortoiseshell, according to the information board

11) Of which organisation was John Evans chairman?
British Rheumatism & Arthritis Association (there is a plaque on a park bench)

12) To whom did the yellow house (pictured in header) belong?
The bailiff, of the Kelsey Estate

13) What pattern is the brickwork at the top of the cottages?
Check or chain

14) What was the trade of Andrew King?

15) What animal's head decorates the pump?
A lion's

16) What sort of shop is Just Williams?
A Toy Shop

17) To whom is the Catholic church dedicated and where did he come from?
St Edmund of Canterbury

18) What year did this park open?

19) What is the web address of the company that supplied the playground equipment?

20) Which insect features at number 380?
Ladybirds - how many can you SPOT?

21) What is 'such a death' ?
Immortality, according to the inscription


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