Kew Gardens Treasure Hunt


Note: no answers inside the Princess of Wales Conservatory

1) How thick is the glass of the Davies Alpine House?

Palm House/Rose Garden
2) When was Bob Atkinson born?

Palm House
3) What date did the Giant Bamboo reach 1m?
4) Where are the most Macadamias grown?

5) How much does the ‘Wild Kew’ book cost?

6) Which regiment did Sgt Frederick Honey serve with?

7) What is the telephone number for Friends of Kew Information?

Plants & People Exhibition
8) How long is Indigo dye boiled for?
9) What material is the golf club made from?

10) When was Hercules & Achelous presented to Kew?

Kew Mural
11) What wood is used for the temple columns?

12) If the Explorer leaves stop 1 at 12:30 what time does it reach stop 6?

Palm House Pond
13) Which bird has green legs?

14) What is displayed in the greenhouse near the student vegetable plots?

Rose Pergola (depending if roses are in bloom)
15) What colour is Francois Juranville or
15) What date is associated with Francois Juranville?

16) What is the title of the sculpture by Eduardo Paolozzi?
In English or Latin

17) How many columns does the Temple of Aeolus have?

Rock Garden
18) Who photographed edelweiss in Pakistan?

19) Which heraldic beast represents Mortimer?

20) What time do the gardens close today?