Deptford Quiz Walk - answers

1) What is the clearance height of the railway bridge?
4.7m or 15' 9"

2) What shape are the windows in the corner turret of Tomis Kitchen?

3) When was the RC Church enlarged?

4) A wall is decorated with street art. What animal is Alfie?
A dog

5) How many cycle racks are outside the Albany?

6) Who uses the former coroner's court premises now?
Midi Music Company

7) How many swings are there in the playground of Margaret McMillan Park?

8) When was the Arts & Crafts style house at number 18 built?
1898 (date on gable)

9) When was the New Cross Building Society established?
1866 (see plaque)

10) What is the motto of Addey & Stanhope School?
Deo et Rege (under the coat of arms)

11) What occupies premises to the left of Wellbeloveds?
A Launderette

12) The premises at numbers 8-12 were built for which trader?
Trickett & Co Ltd - Tea, Coffee & Colonial Merchants (in 1889)

13) What colour front door does number 13 have?
Dark green

14) Number 26 had what name?
Elizabeth Place

15) What would you buy at number 49?
Eggs - its the Eggshop!

16) Paddy Power occupies which former pub?
The Deptford Arms (sign remains)

17) What was the school building at number 77 called?
Caxton House

18) How far away was the Frankham Street air raid shelter?
50 yards

19) What is the mural at Giffin Street titled?
His N Hers

20) What is the name of the academy?
Tidemill Academy

21) Which building houses the library?
Deptford Lounge

22) How many storeys high is Browne House?

23) How many arches are there along Resolution Way?
30 (so only another 848 to go!)

24) Who was the architect of the Salvation Army building?
W Allison ARIBA (see right hand side)

25) According to the inscription over the entrance who consecrated St Paul's Church?
Edmund Lord Bishop of London (on 30 June 1730)

26) Whose property is the vault near the mortuary building?
William Knott

27) The fire hydrant set into the pavement at the end of Deptford Church Street has what number on it?

28) Which two Albury Street houses have figures of cherubs/putti?
Numbers 27 and 25

29) How many chimneys are there between numbers 15 and 17 Albury Street?

30) Number 181 Deptford High Street is part of what Place?
Hamilton Place (plaque above entrance)

31) The restaurant/bar at number 162 was formerly which pub?
The Royal Oak of 1682 (rebuilt 1846)

32) What does number 150 sell?
Building Supplies 2015

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