QUIZ 10 - answers

Guildhall Quiz Walk


A short circular walk from Guildhall. Follow the directions and look for the answers to the questions.

Q1. Edward John Dent founded his business at 82 Strand in 1840 and was awarded the contract to make 'Big Ben' in 1844

Q2. The drinking fountain was the gift of Robert H Rogers. It still has its cup on a chain!

Q3. The bust of Shakespeare is on a monument dedicated to John Heminge & Henry Condell, fellow actors who collected his works for publication in the first folio.
The Wren church of St Mary Aldermanbury was gutted by WWII bombing. To commemorate Anglo-American colloboration it was re-built at Westminster College in Fulton, Missouri.

Q4. The dying words of the mother of St Augustine were 'Nothing is Distant from God' according to the stone outside the Brewer's Hall.

Q5. The Girdler's Livery Hall has two boundary badges dated 1815 (St MB) and 1886 (CSS)

The Armourer's & Braziers Livery Hall is at the end of this street to the left. They have been on the site since 1346 but the present building by J H Good dates from 1840.

Q6. 'Ritual' by Antanas Bradys won a competition for sculptors under 35 years old.

Q7. There is a lighthouse on the corner of the Habib Bank

Other related motifs on this building are the prows of ships, Neptune's Head and 'sea horses'

Q8. 'Crafts' is shown between 'Sciences' and 'Education' on the Chartered Accountants Hall.

Other related motifs on this building are to 'Arts', 'Commerce', Manufacturing', 'Agriculture' and 'Mining'

Q9. The phone box has 6x3 panes of glass on the door making it a K2 designed in the 1920s by Giles Gilbert Scott. Those remaining are listed buildings recorded by a plaque inside.

Q10. A barber's trade sign overhangs the street. The red and white striped pole represents blood and bandages as they also acted as surgeons!

The shop itself is in Whalebone Court if you need their services

Q11. The circular manholes were manufactured in Deptford for the CLEL Co by J Stone & Co Ltd.

Q12. The Old Butler's Head pub is run by the Shepherd Neame Brewery.

There is another barber's pole in this street

Q13. Library Chambers at number 13-14 feature wyverns as decorations. Dragons have four legs, whilst wyverns have only two.

Q14. A ladder is chained under the large wall lamp. As this is a gas lamp the ladder may be needed for maintenance although an electric mechanism actually lights it.

Q15. There are busts of Wren, Shakespeare, Cromwell & Pepys outside the Guildhall Art Gallery.

Tucked away in the corner is Dick Whittington and his cat

Q16. The Masons Livery Company provided the stone seat to the right of the Guildhall porch in 1989 to commemorate the 800th year of the mayoralty.

Q17. The perimeter of the Roman Amphitheatre is marked out in the yard in black slate.

The Jubilee Walkway is also marked in the yard by a circular waymarker

Q18. Against the east wall of St Lawrence Jewry Church is a Police Call Box. In the days before mobile phones this would have enabled you to contact the police in an emergency.

Q19. Lunchtime organ recitals at the church are held on Tuesdays

Q20. The outer pinnacles of the Guildhall porch are decorated with swords.


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