PUZZLE 7 - answers

A Royal Prescence


All the monarchs listed have a statue in London
These are the locations

Queen Boudicca Victoria Embankment
King Richard I Old Palace Yard
King Henry VIII St Bartholomews Hospital
King Edward VI St Thomas' Hospital
Queen Elizabeth I St Dunstans in the West
King Charles I Trafalgar Square
King Charles II Chelsea Hospital
King James II Trafalgar Square
King William III St James's Square
Queen Anne St Pauls Cathedral
King George I St Georges Bloomsbury
King George II Greenwich Hospital
King George III Cockspur Street
Queen Charlotte Queen Square
King George IV Trafalgar Square
King William IV Greenwich Park
Queen Victoria New Bridge Street
Prince Albert Holborn Circus
King Edward VII Waterloo Place
Queen Alexandra London Hospital
King George V Old Palace Yard
King George VI Carlton House Terrace


london-footprints.co.uk 2006

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