PUZZLE 4 - answers

White London


The clues give the name of a London place which includes the word white

1. Religious house to playhouse
The Whitefriars Playhouse utilised the refectory of the former monastery after the dissolution. Present Whitefriars Street marks the eastern boundary of the priory site of which considerable remains were excavated in 1927.

2. Site of Olympic Games
The 4th Olympic Games were held at White City in 1908 on a site laid out for the Franco-British exhibition. Did you know the length of the marathon owes nothing to antiquity but is the distance from Windsor Castle to White City!

3. College noted for May Day celebrations
John Ruskin inaugurated a May Queen Festival at Whitelands College in 1881, the origin of children's May Day celebrations throughout England.

4. Where Big Ben was made
The bell in the clock tower of the Palace of Westminster was cast at the Whitechapel Bell Foundry in 1858. It utilised the metal from a previous bell which had cracked beyond repair.

5. Hampstead watering hole
Whitestone Pond takes its name from an old milestone. It was also the site of an Armada Beacon.

6. Where Mr Pickwick met Sam Weller
Mr Pickwick first meets Sam at the White Hart Inn, one of several galleried coaching inns off Borough High Street. It was demolished in 1889 but there is still a White Hart Yard at the site.

7. Founded at a Chocolate House
White's Club on St James's Street began at White's Chocolate House, opened in 1693 on a site now occupied by Boodles. The club moved into its present premises in 1755. It was noted for gambling for high stakes and Beau Brummel.

8. Now Ayres Street
This was previously called Whitecross Street. It was renamed after Alice Ayres who lost her life whilst saving 3 children from a fire in Union Street in 1885 (commemorated in Postman's Park).

9. Source of water in Islington
The junction of Barnsbury and Dewey Roads was the site of a conduit supplying water to Charterhouse, later housed in a small white building. A tavern opened alongside in 1649 and cricket was played in the next field. This was replaced by a teahouse with other facilities after 1766. The site was built over in 1849 but there is still a White Conduit Street off nearby Chapel Market.

10. Has buildings/features by Inigo Jones, Gilbert Scott & Lutyens
Whitehall: Jones - the Banqueting House (1622), Gilbert Scott - the Foreign Office (1868-73) and Lutyens - the Cenotaph (1919-20).

11. Home of the Royal Ballet School
White Lodge in Richmond Park. The Palladian villa was commissioned by George II and became home to a number of royals including the Duke & Duchess of Teck and the Duke & Duchess of York.

12. Location of St John's Chapel
This is on the second floor of the White Tower, the central keep of the Tower of London.

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