THE NEW CROSS EMPIRE - 1913 prices & small print


Gallery 3d no Early Doors, Balcony 4d no Early Doors, Pit 4d no Early doors, Pit Stalls 6d no Early Doors, Stalls 9d Booked & reserved at 3d extra. Circle 1/- Booked & reserved at this price. Fauteuils 1/- Booked & reserved at 3d extra. Boxes 5/- to 7/6 single seats 1/6 & 2/-
Saturdays 2nd performance only and Holidays - Gallery 3d, Pit 6d, Pit Stalls 9d, Stalls 1/-, Fauteuils 1/3

Two complete and distinct peformances nightly. All artistes appear at each peformance and both performances are alike.
The doors open for the first performance at 6:15. The curtain rises at 6:40. The curtain falls at 8:40 and the audience leave the building.
Visitors may store their cycles free of charge during the performance.
Seats may be booked in advance - for boxes, fauteuils and grand circle at the Empire box office daily from 11am until 4pm.
Box office open Saturdays only from 11am to 10pm.
The doors open for the second performance at 8:55 (these doors are quite distinct from the exits by which the first audience leave). The curtain rises for the second performance at
9 o'clock and falls at 11 o'clock.
Seats not guaranteed. No money returned. The right of refusing admission reserved. Seats booked by telephone will not be kept after 6:40pm and 9pm unless previously paid for.

Grand piano by Messrs Brinsmead & Sons Ltd, London. The uniforms supplied by Gardiner & Co, Deptford Broadway. Jeyes' Disinfectant solely used throughout this theatre. Stage furniture supplied by Messrs Peppercorn Bros Ltd, Broadway Deptford.

Before and during the Overture a series of pictures will be shown by the London and Provincial Advertising Agency Ltd

Fauteuil = an upholstered armchair usually with open sides